The Burgess Shale


Want to learn more?

  • Visit this website to learn about Parks Canada initiatives regarding the Burgess Shale.
  • Numerous books, field guides, research papers, and research updates are another option for you to explore.
  • If you happen to be traveling, several museum displays in various cities across North America and Europe are available for public viewing.
  • For more instant access, perhaps from home, a treasure-trove of information about the Burgess Shale, the Cambrian explosion and evolution can be found through these webpages.
  • Check out the link to a major TV documentary by noted director Sir David Attenborough that looks at the Burgess Shale in the context of all the earliest animals on earth.
  • Lesson plans designed for educators may also be directly linked by users of this website on the Virtual Museum of Canada Teacher’s Centre.