SUMMARY: Peter Fenton, technician at the Royal Ontario Museum, discusses life back in the camp during a dig in the Burgess Shale. (:37)

Fossil hunters cataloguing fossils
DESCRIPTION: Fossil hunters cataloguing fossils

"When you get back to the camp and do all of the cataloguing work, you have dinner,"

Fossil hunter cooking food
DESCRIPTION: Fossil hunter cooking food

"quite often there's not a long time before"

Fossil hunters in tents
DESCRIPTION: Fossil hunters in tents

"you crawl into your sleeping bag exhausted."

Fossil hunters talking by fire
DESCRIPTION: Fossil hunters talking by fire

"But at other times we've had people who have brought guitars along, and we do sit around and sing songs and …"

Scenery of Yoho National Park
DESCRIPTION: Scenery of Yoho National Park

"probably the most enjoyable thing is just sitting there and watching nature. Because it is really some of the most spectacular scenery you're ever going to see. When you're up on Fossil Ridge, you're just looking down on Emerald Lake, which is just spectacularly beautiful."

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