1991-Des-Early Recollections

SUMMARY: Desmond Collins, former Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology at the Royal Ontario Museum, spoke in 1991 about his early work on the Burgess Shale. (1:14)

Desmond Collins, addresses the camera

DESCRIPTION: Desmond Collins, addresses the camera

"I first came out here in 1972 as part of an International Geological Congress field trip associated with a meeting in Montreal. The party of paleontologists was taken up to the quarry and I noticed I the talus beneath Walcott's quarry there were better specimens than we had in our collections. And since we were planning at that time to put up a new display at the museum in Toronto, I requested from Parks Canada permission to come out and collect material for display. After some problems we finally got permission in 1975, and brought out a party of 8 people and we collected from the talus, both from beneath Walcott's quarry, beneath Raymond's Quarry and also on the slopes a bit to the south, in the naturally eroded material. And this material, which included a fair few species of rare and new forms indicated to us there was probably at least one or more layers of fossils yet unfound on the same slope, probably above Walcott's quarry. And this was the locality which we found in 1984 and excavated in 1988, 1989 and 1990."

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