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Throughout the summer both Parks Canada and the Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation offer guided hikes into the closed Burgess Shale fossil beds.

Parks Canada Guided Hikes

Join a group led by a knowledgeable Parks Canada Interpretive Guide and explore the unique natural and cultural history of the area through storytelling and interactive activities.

Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation Guided Hikes

Earth science specialists lead participants on these hikes sharing their geology and palaeontology expertise along the way.

A Parks Canada guide shows photos and explains the fossils to seated hikers at the fossil beds.

Journey back through time with an experienced guide and discover the history and the natural wonders of the Burgess Shale and Yoho National Park.

Photo: © Roger Hostin, Parks Canada

Mount Stephen Fossil Beds is a short but challenging 6-kilometre, round-trip hike that takes about 7 hours to complete. Elevation gain is 780 m. (2560 ft.).

Walcott Quarry is a moderately difficult 20-kilometre, round-trip hike that takes about 10 hours to complete. Elevation gain is 760 m. (2888 ft.).

Guided hikes map

Parks Canada guided hikes map