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Interpretive displays at the Yoho National Park Visitor Centre reveal the mysteries of the Burgess Shale and its creatures such as Canadaspis, a shrimp relative, or slug-like Wiwaxia. A digital touch table brings these ancient creatures to life and allows you to select and learn about Burgess Shale animals by tapping on the screen. Then examine a giant slab of rock and feel the imbedded fossil within it, or read a page from Charles Walcott’s field notebook about his exciting fossil finds.

Looking for more information about wildlife or local plants, camping areas, or hiking or ski trails? Pick up a brochure at the Yoho Visitor Centre or speak with an attendant. 

Woman looks at the Burgess Shale display board in the Visitor Centre.

An interactive digital touch table at the Yoho Visitor Centre brings the story of ancient fossils to life.

Photo: © Omar McDadi, Parks Canada

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