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The Royal Ontario Museum and Parks Canada gratefully acknowledge the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this website for the Virtual Museum of Canada.


Grant Proposal, Concept and Research, Content Supervision and Creation, Validation:
Jean-Bernard Caron

Project Manager:
Jason French

David Smillie

Assistant Producers:
Peter Fenton
Amanda Govan (intern)

Scientific Writers (Fossil Gallery):
Jean-Bernard Caron
Allison Daley
Lorna O’Brien
Sean Robson
David Rudkin
Martin Smith

Writers (History):
Jacques Lavoie (Historical Context)
David Rudkin (The Early Royal Ontario Museum Connection: Sir Edmund Walker)

External Reviewers (Science Texts and/or Media):
Derek Briggs
Robert Gaines
Marc Laflamme
Alex Page
Michael Streng
Jean Vannier

David Rudkin
Sara Scharf
Martin Smith
Rachel Thorpe

Interpretive Planning:
Richard Lahey

Library and Archives:
Arthur Smith

Arni Brownstone

Learning Object Collection on the VMC Teachers’ Centre Website (Agora):
Bethany Kempster (Science)
Jacques Lavoie (History)

French Translation:
Dominique Picouet (Co-Ordinator)
Lorraine Boury
Lucie Chevalier
Louis Émond
Serge Gagné
Patrice Joubert
Newart (Rose) Sarkisyan
Marianne Symoens
Monique Tanton-Lawson

Scientific Reconstructions (drawings):
Marianne Collins (Artoffact)

Digital Reconstructions and Animations:
Jilli and Lars Fields (Phlesch Bubble)

Graphic Design:
Jacquie Jeanes (intern)

Video Reviews:
Randy Dreager

Web Support:
Cheryl Fraser

Website Design:
Overdrive (Design Limited)
James Wilson (Principal)
Robert McLarty
Alexander Rosa
Sylvia Nan Cheng
Lauren Cude
Joey Lapegna
Debbie Gordon (intern)

Special thanks to the following individuals for allowing access and photography of collections including archives: Doug Erwin from the Smithsonian Institution (National Museum of Natural History), Daniel Miller from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (Museum of Paleontology), and Jean Dougherty from the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa.

We also thank Sarah Stauderman from the Smithsonian Institution Archives, for allowing access to the Walcott archives and use of historical images, Erin Younger, the great grand-daughter of Charles Walcott, for allowing use of her family images, and Stefan Bengtson (Swedish Museum of Natural History), Nick Butterfield (Cambridge University), Robert Gaines (Pomona College), Jim Gehling (The Museum Board of South Australia), David Harper (Natural History Museum of Denmark), Jihpai Lin, Maoyan Zhu and Fangchen Zhao (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Science), John Paterson (University of New England), John Peel (Uppsala University), and Jean Vannier (University of Lyon) for images of fossils or landscapes.

Harvard University, the Canadian Pacific Railway Archives, the University of British Columbia, Rare Books and Special Collections, the McCord Museum, the Palaeontological Association and the Royal Society provided additional images.


Alex Kolesch (Co-ordinator)
Sarah Fabbri
Amy Krause
Deborah Griffith
Adele Laramee


The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies provided images (free of charge) for the historical section of this website, special thanks to Ted Hart and Elizabeth Kundert-Cameron.

The Canadian Geoscience Education Network and the Columbia Basin Environment Education Network helped promote this website as a resource to their members.